About Us

International Tumble Stone is a custom stone works company based out of Hayden, Idaho. From the creation of simple fountains to the massive custom stone features, there are few projects that we are not able to handle. Tumble Stone has a large retail facility where we showcase a huge inventory of fountains, steps, decorative rock, seating, lighting and much more. Our work can be seen from Brooklyn, NY to Malibu, Ca. We regularly collaborate with design professionals to incorporate the best in stone materials into government and corporate landscape designs. We also help individual homeowners to perfect their landscape dreams.


Our new, 18 thousand square foot fabrication facility located on 15 acres is equipped to create your projects with more efficiency and precision than our competition.

We have created some of the most state of the art equipment in the industry to aide us in fabrication. Our saws are CAD compatible and are able to cut a radius as well as vertical and horizontal cuts


Company History

International Tumble Stone was founded in 1999 by John Marjamaa. His work with stone started in 1994 when he was building a new house and wanted granite counter tops in it. Soon he was buying saws, polishers and other tools and starting a new business with a partner (gargoyle granite and marble). Marjamaa, who gets bored very easily soon sold his share and decided to take on bigger rocks! It takes a big saw with a diamond wire to cut rocks up to 8 feet wide. John decided to build his first one, rather than pay to import one from Japan or Italy. Soon after came the drills, polishing equipment, cranes, forklifts and all of the other specialized equipment it takes to fabricate rock into one of a kind pieces of art. Over the years John brought on a well-equipped staff consisting of his son and other close friends and family members. Today Tumble Stone employs about 20 people and ships rock all over the US and Canada.


John Marjamaa

Zack Marjamaa

Ned Inge
Production Manager