Installing your Fountain

Our natural stone water features add value and beauty to your home’s landscape. building a water feature can seem daunting, but with our products, installing an attractive water feature is now a one day job. Safe, stable, easily installed, our natural fountains feature a bottom cut for stability: just one example of the engineered elements we use to provide the best water features available. We sell all the materials you will need to build an attractive rock fountain water feature. Beautiful natural stone fountains, high quality pumps and the best industry components ensure that your water feature will have the beauty, durability and functionality afforded in a professionally installed project. A few basic garden tools and a little effort and you’ll enjoy a beautiful water feature for years to come.


With a minimum of tools you will be well on your way.


Select the area for your pond. Allow extra room for the water splashing off the fountain.


Dig the hole 12 to 18 inches deep so ample water will circulate to the pump.


Deepen an area to accommodate the five gallon bucket which will later contain the pump.


Lay felt material into the hole, tamping it down so that there are no gaps between it and the soil below.


Follow with the rubber liner. Considerable material is required to completely line the hole.


Position belting to separate the cement blocks from the rubber liner below.


Place blocks onto the belting. Stack blocks if necessary to bring the fountain’s base just below water level.


Position fountain(s) onto the blocks. Consider the effect you want to achieve.


While positioning your fountain(s), find a route for the plumbing to reach the bucket’s lid and the pump.


Partially fill the pond for testing. Using the ball valve, adjust the flow of water coming off the fountain(s). Fill the pond with decorative rock


Trim away the excess liner and felt materials. Spread the rocks out to completely cover the liner.


Allow your fountain to run a couple of days so sediments can fall and water can clear.